"Our passion is breathing life into independent adjusting by making it more accessible for anyone with the motivation and self-drive to achieve higher levels of professional greatness.

Adjuster University gives you the tools to earn a high-income career as an independent claims adjuster. We're more than just licensing, we're a lifestyle."

Founder of Adjuster University


“No one likes surprises, that's why consistency is so important when building your brand in any career. Every successful business is built with a consistent product that people can trust. With adjusting, companies never know what their going to get in an estimate. Having a macro like this not only saves valuable time, but it does it while delivering the same product again and again.”

“Measuring productivity may not be something you think about as you work on different cases in this role, but it is a good way to see where you are, where you spend your time, and how to be more efficient in the future. Furthermore, it is a good way to measure your success from the beginning of your career and into the future.”