you're a licensed adjuster,
but have you learned..

  • What certifications and designations actually matter to YOU?

  • How to present yourself in a unique way in an ultra-competitive market?

  • How to establish and operate as a business entity?

  • How to work in a high-stress and expectation environment?

  • How to operate as an efficient and effective adjuster?


Licensing is Step 1 ... Most people stop here.
Most people also wait for a "storm" or are convinced it's "slow"


  • This mini-course includes sample resumes to learn what not to do, 8 video lessons to transform your thinking about resumes and create more engagement, and ends with secret unfair-advantages that helped Jeremy Rettig gain an edge over the competition and domination of his territory. Read more.

  • This course breaks down the process of establishing your business in a way that’s understandable for everyone. By completing this course, you should have removed your personal liability from your business, understand how to reduce your business’s tax liability, and how to use business banking effectively. This course has the potential to save you five-figures each year in taxes. Read more.

  • It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of earning a six-figure income in as little as a few months. However, every year thousands of people chase after this occupation spending thousands of dollars in training only to discover that it’s not what they thought it was. This course is intended to provide students with the clarity needed to make an educated decision about the direction of their career. Read more.

  • This course is intended to answer one of the most commonly asked questions from new adjusters, “what training should I get?” Deciding what training is right for you can be confusing, ambiguous, and risky. After completing this course, you’ll have a clear understanding about the true importance of training and education as an independent adjuster, what courses you should pursue, and what courses don’t deserve your hard-earned money. Read more.


4 Essential Courses + 'Top 5 Habits of the Efficient Adjuster'
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