Intelligence and professionalism


what sets ADJUSTER-U apart?

There are so many domains available to choose from, but...

One product that we absolutely love is G Suite Business! It's basically like having a Gmail account, but with a few added features..

We aren’t afraid to say it’s by far the best email solution on the market right now. For that reason, it's perfect for adjusters of all types.
what sets ADJUSTER-U apart?

We offer access to the G Suite Business Plan for all adjusters.

Email @ Adjuster University is what you need to show professionalism and intelligence in all your emails.


Why do we recommend
G Suite for them?

For the adjusters that are seeking professional email hosting for their adjusting business...

  • Display Professionalism

    You’re somehow correct in thinking that an email address shouldn’t be a basis to validate your credibility, but on a subconscious level, it does. Make sure the impression that potential companies get of your name isn’t flawed by a free email address.

  • Appear More Qualified

    Gmail and Yahoo are the most common email addresses used by average people. Set yourself apart from the average by providing a custom email address.
    Your email address will help you look more a more qualified and well-established expert in claims adjusting.

  • UNLIMITED Cloud Storage Google Drive

    Free Gmail users get 15GB of storage, however, users enjoy UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE!

  • Guaranteed Availability

    There's nothing stopping you from getting your own Google G Suite account with the ability to choose any plan you like, in fact, we think you should! However, if you struggle to find a relevant domain name that serves its purpose to promote professionalism, come to us!

  • Improved Hangouts

    This service allows you to have video conferences for up to 30 people with a simple shared link. This is a 3X improve from its free service! This is an effective technology for meeting potential clients and reaching agreements with third parties.

  • CRM Integration

    For those that follow our training and take their careers very seriously, Google's G Suite offers the integration of a few great customer relationship management tools, including Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) and our favorite, Cirrus Insight.