How does the Ambassador Program Work?

Step #1: Apply

This is an affiliate program managed by Adjuster University.  Simply fill out your application and wait for approval.  In most cases, you'll receive a response within 48 hours!

Step #2: Get Links

After your application is approved, you'll be provided unique links to, specific courses, and webinar registration pages.

These links are unique to YOUR ambassador account!

Step #3: Promote

Using your ambassador links, promote and/or its courses or webinars.

The potential student's experience will be no different from any else, however, through your links we'll be able to track any sales generated by them that day OR in the future!  (see technical details below for more information) 

Step #4: Get Paid

Ambassador commissions are calculated on all purchases from the student.  You can view and track the amount owed to you from your Ambassador dashboard. 

Commissions are paid out regularly via PayPal.

Adjuster University Ambassadors earn up to 80% in commissions!

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer with Adjuster University?

  • No Course Development Costs: The cost to develop and course, much less a school, is expensive! But you wouldn't worry about that as an affiliate. Adjuster University assumes all of the risk in its development of courses.

  • No Geographic Limitations: Organizing nationwide classes or workshops is a complex, logistical nightmare. With our 100% online courses, you can generate sales through courses without leaving home.

  • No-Hassle Funnel: After your first sale, it's our responsibility to strengthen the relationship with our new customer by offering additional courses that best fit their needs. While this happens, you're still subject to additional affiliate revenue. You benefit the rewards from a sales funnel without even knowing what it is.

  • No Boss or Customer Concerns: There's no need to process refunds or be concerned with what your boss will think of you taking a month off from work so you can cruise the Mediterranean. Any customer complaints or refunds are handled by our staff.

  • High Income Potential & Work Where You Want: As an affiliate of Adjuster University, your income potential is limited only by your desire, effort and imagination. There is no annual meetings or an office for you to report to -- where you work is entirely up to you.


Affiliate marketing is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to create an additional source income from home.

Technical Details

  • Click here for in-depth details

    When a user first visits Adjuster University, we drop a cookie on to their browser. If they reached the Adjuster University site via an affiliate link, the cookie will remember this information.

    When the student creates an account for your Thinkific site they will have the referrer code attached to their user profile if the cookie is present. Any future purchases for all time by this student will be credited to the affiliate.

    If by chance the user visits Adjuster University but doesn't sign up right away, the cookie will last for 30 days. If the user clears their cookies or uses a different browser the cookie will be lost.

    Clarity: the cookie from the first visit must be present when the student signs up or purchases a product in order for the affiliate to receive credit. Once the student signs up and the association is established on the user's profile, the cookie is redundant and the affiliate will receive credit for any future purchases. If a student that comes through an affiliate link does not sign up or purchase within 30 days but comes back after 30 days to sign up or purchase the affiliate is not credited any commission. If a student coming to your site via an affiliate link had previously created an account or made a purchase, before clicking on the affiliate link, any new purchases made will not be associated with the affiliate. This is true regardless of whether or not the student was previously associated with any affiliate or not. If they had previously made an account they cannot be counted toward a new.